Cutting Edge Technology

Targeted Cone Beam CT scan.

This scan allows us to target a small area of interest to view in three dimensions without excessive radiation. The information obtained by these scans allows us to visualize anatomy and pathology unobtainable with standard dental radiographs.

Digital Radiographs

These radiographs allow instant viewing by Doctor and Patient while significantly decreasing the dosage of radiation.

Apex Locators

These machines allow us to measure the end of the root electronically. In this way we are more accurate in our work while taking fewer radiographs.

Operating Microscopes

All procedures are performed with the operating microscope allowing us to visualize anatomy and “hidden” canals that are impossible to see with standard methods.

Irrigating Adjuncts

Controlling infection with anti-bacterial irrigants is an essential part of successful root canal therapy. We use standard irrigants whose actions are enhanced by ultrasonic energy or negative pressure.

3D instrumentation

To this point all root canal instruments have had a round diameter which limits their effectiveness in the non round parts of the root canal. We now use a revolutionary file that expands at body temperature to reach areas in the root canal that cannot be reached with the standard round files.

Bonded Bioceramic Root Filling Materials

Bioceramic materials are used for many medical applications. We now use these materials to fill the root canal. This enables us to remove less tooth structure while performing the root canal leaving a strong root with the best seal of the canal.

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