Dear TEC,

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Lin and TEC Endodontics.  The root canal treatment was done in two separate appointments and both procedures were 100% pain free.  Dr. Lin and his assistants make you feel so relaxed and comfortable.  The Receptionists are so attentive. Thank you Dr. Lin and Staff for everything!! This place is great. Highly recommend !!!!

Amanda D. 03/01/2018

Dear TEC,

I had a root canal procedure done during this week with Dr. Ken Lin.  I would like to tell you that the whole experience was awesome.  I did not experience any pain at all and was amazed how professional and gentle the treatment went.  Thank you for professionals like Dr. Ken Lin.

Svetlana F. 02/26/2018

Dear TEC

My experience with Dr. Lin and TEC Technologies was wonderful!  The front desk staff was professional and efficient.  There was no long wait time for either of my visits. Dr. Lin’s assistant was friendly, informed, clean and helpful. Dr. Lin is AWESOME!!!!!!  he is clean, kind,competent and informative!  He made my two part root canal a completely PAINLESS and comfortable experience!!! He is absolutely wonderful and I’d advise anyone to seek him out !!

Loni G. 02/15/2018

Dear TEC,

Your office was wonderful!  Everyone was so helpful and nice and made the experience easier.

Heidi J. 12/22/2017

Dear TEC,

I could not be any more pleased with my recent visit to the office.  The office staff was friendly and I appreciated the call I received after scheduling my appointment to be told of what my copay costs would be.  The dental assistant and Dr. Lin were so kind and gentle and helped me to understand what would be happening during the procedure and what I could expect.  While I hope to not need root canal in the future,I would most definitely return to this office and would recommend you to friends and family who may need treatment:) Thank You so much !!

Melissa F. 12/18/2017

Dear TEC,

Thank you so much for your outstanding care with my recent root canal.  Everyone at this office is wonderful, from the minute you walk in the door to the follow up phone calls.  Dr. Lin explains everything and he genuinely cares about your comfort and care.  I highly recommend this office for any dental care or procedures, they’re wonderful.

Thanks again!

Heidi J. 11/21/2017

Dear TEC,

Truly a very comfortable, clean and very professional setting.  Dentist is very attentive, explains in layman terms and he actually listens.  Excellent and caring staff.  Definitely recommend this office.

Carmen Z. 10/16/2017

Dear TEC,

I needed to find an Endodontist for an upper right molar that was bothering me for a while.  I found TEC Endodontics on the web and decided to make an appointment.  I was very nervous because of all the stories that I have heard about Root Canals, and I even googled how they were treated.

Upon meeting the staff at TEC Endodontics  I felt at ease.  After meeting Dr. Trope I was a little nervous but he was very nice and explained everything that was going to happen.  My second trip there was the day he started the Root Canal and I was waiting for the worst and after felt happy that it wasn’t that bad.  I had to go back the following week to finish and the same thing No Pain.  I went to my dentist to have the final filling done 1 1/2 weeks later and now the upper right tooth doesn’t bother me anymore.

I would definitely recommend TEC Endodontics to anyone who is need of a Root Canal. They made my experience their a pleasant one.

Thank you Dr. Trope and Staff!!

Marisa F. 06/22/2017

Dear TEC,

TEC Endodontics is the very best! I would absolutely recommend TEC Endodontics 100 % and I would never use any other Endodontist. 

This is my second time needing a Root Canal.  There was no pain at all and after completion I always received a follow-up call to make sure I was feeling good.

TEC Endodontics answered all my concerns and the entire staff in amazing  and caring.

When I initially called I was scheduled immediately.

Thank you all so much for making my experience a pleasant one.

Pam K.  06/17/2017

Dear TEC,

Over the years I’ve had a lot of root canals.  I had two in one day. Dr. Kasi was terrific.  At the consultation we spent time deciding on a plan of care.  She continued to follow up prior to the procedure.  There was not a single problem with the procedures.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing endodontic treatment. 

Thank You Dr. Kasi!

Brian L. 04/17/2017

Dear TEC,

Excellent Doctor and support Staff!

Kermit C. 04/17/2017

Dear TEC,

I want to thank TEC Endo so very much for taking in a new patient.  I was in severe pain and my current dentist was out on a conference and had told me to wait it out for 2 weeks.  I was not able to withstand this pain for 2 weeks.  I appreciate the timeliness that TEC Endo had for getting me in the dentist chair right away.  The staff was very caring and very informative.  Thank you guys so much for everything.  It is greatly appreciated.

Marita L. 04/17/2017

Dear TEC,

Dr. Ken Lin and his assistant, Cathy, were outstanding.  This was the best experience I have ever had while in the dental chair.

Thank You!

Harriet H. 11/17/2016

Dear TEC,

I love Dr. Lin, Kathy, Mary and all the support staff.  They take the anxiety out of needing a root canal.  The tone, the atmosphere and the serene approach of the group reassures you that all will be well.  A big thanks to all for every time I need a root canal (and there have been many!).

Ron 11/17/2016

Dear TEC,

Dr. Kasi is the nicest doctor I have ever been to (medical or dental). She explained everything thoroughly and took care to make me comfortable.

Michele B. 11/16/2016

Dear TEC,

Excellent job reviewing the X-ray with me to fully explain the situation and procedure.  Staff was very courteous and attentive to my care during the procedure.

Andrew S. 11/16/2016

Dear TEC,

Outstanding experience from start to finish. Given an immediate appointment, thorough evaluation, and quick follow-ups.  Dr. Kasi was amazing first class communicator and dental specialist.  I almost wish for more root canals with such an outstanding service and care.

Karl F. 10/17/2016

Dear TEC,

Dr. Lin did a great Endodontic service on Tooth #2 for me about a month ago.  I had no post-op pain or discomfort.  I have already had a permanent crown placed on #2 by a prosthodontist. All is well.

Thanks again for your excellent, caring, courteous service.

A. Levin, DDS 10/10/2016

Dear TEC,

I’d recommend your office in a heartbeat.  Even though there was a small amount of “pain” aka soreness after the procedure as indicated in my response- The relief far overshadowed any discomfort. Can’t thank everyone there enough.

William M.  4/20/2016

Dear TEC,

Dr. Lin just completed a root canal for me. He is truly a master at his craft. Not only does he have all the toys to be at the top of his game (he even has his own CT machine to get 360 degree views), he is meticulous in the carrying out of his work. I give Dr. Lin an 11 on a ten point scale!

Bryan L.  04/07/2016

Dear TEC,

The attention I received after my procedure (I had an infection that was spreading, in addition to sharp, unbearable pain and increasing swelling) was unmatched.  The TEC Endo team-from the front desk to Dr. Lin-was incredibly responsive, sympathetic and helpful in answering all of my questions and fitting me in three different times following the procedure for a check-up/to make sure my infection was going away quickly.

Thank You!

Kyle M.  03/16/2016

Dear TEC,

Dr. Lin is great! He was able to save my tooth after being told by my dentist there was no hope in saving it.  Not only did he save it, he did so with gentleness,kindness and concern.  I would recommend anyone to see him first before the agree to an extraction.

Thank You Dr. Lin!!

Lisa D.  03/03/2016

Dear TEC,

Dr. Lin and the TEC Endodontics staff far surpass any dental experience for me.  I have had previous root canals in other offices, so I do have some comparisons.  Dr. Lin is professional, attentive, appropriately detailed with his explanations of findings and procedures, plus he has a genuinely kind manner.  Kathy and Cathy both made me feel at ease, and provided clear, meaningful information pre-procedure and post-procedure.  I highly recommend Dr. Lin and TEC Endodontics.

Catherine J.  03/02/2016

Dear Dr. Trope,

Best root canal experience I’ve ever had! Highly recommend you and your staff.

Penelope O.  02/22/2016

Dear TEC,

I came to TEC Endodontics because of a dental emergency.  A root canal had been started on my tooth #5 by another dentist, but left incomplete over the holidays.  An infection resulted and I was in pain.  Since I was unable to get back to that original dentist in another city I contacted TEC Endodontics based on their website description and Endo specialists, and the impressive resumes of the doctors.  I chose correctly!  I contacted them in the morning, and by the afternoon I was seen by Dr. Kasi.  I have never written a review regarding dental procedures, but I’m compelled to do so in this case, because of the SUPERB FRIENDLY, and most importantly, PROFESSIONALLY COMPETENT treatment I received.  Not only did Dr. Kasi explain her assessment of the situation, and what needed to be done, she did so in an extraordinarily clear and friendly way.  The treatment was completed in one hour, without any pain, whatsoever.  And, Dr. Kasi called me in the evening to check on me.  The supporting staff I met that day, namely Cathy and Kathy, made the whole experience incredibly easy.  Without a doubt, if I need Endodontic treatment in the future, TEC Endodontics will be the only place I will visit, and I will insist on Dr. Kasi.  Thank you for the opportunity to write this.

Perry C.  01/11/2016

Dear TEC,

The staff is extremely warm, knowledgeable, and professional.  Even though many people think of a root canal as a fearful and painful procedure, I always walk in feeling comfortable and knowing I’m in a good place.  Dr. Lin is a gem, and Mary and Kathy are like family.

Ronald A.  11/17/2015

Dear TEC,

Dr. Kasi was very nice and gentle, she made me very comfortable and explained everything she did.  She was very professional and she even gave me a follow up call.  I would definitely recommend your office to anyone I know who needs a root canal.  The whole staff was very nice, professional and the office is very clean.

Jennifer B.  11/17/2015

Dear Dr. Kasi,

I would recommend you to any of my family and friends you were excellent!

Dr. Kasi made getting a root canal as easy as it could be.  I really appreciated both her kindness and attention to detail in fixing my tooth.  My root canal was quite complex, but Dr. Kasi worked so hard to make sure I was comfortable and all my issues were resolved.

Thank you, Dr. Kasi!

Lauren D.  11/13/2015

Dear Dr. Kasi,

Sincere thanks to you and your staff for providing superb professional service.  I highly recommend this practice and sincerely appreciate the wonderful care by Dr. Kasi and Her wonderful assistant Cathy.  Thank you also to Kathy at the front desk for her warm welcome and assistance.  All the best!

T. S.  11/6/2015

Dear Dr. Kasi,

I must mention that you are a wonderful DMD and your personality is kind and professional.  I feel very fortunate that Dr. Halpern has a good relationship with your staff.  When I returned to his office to get a filling last week, I told him that TEC Endodontics is a CLASS “A” ACT!  Your entire staff is wonderful from the moment I stepped into the office for the first time and every time afterwards! Also, a special Thank You to Dr. Trope for his expertise in opening the fourth canal. Hip Hip Hooray!

I cannot thank you enough for saving my tooth! 

With much respect,

Cindy S.  11/06/2015

Dear Dr. Lin,

Dr. Lin you are the best.  I recommended you to all my friends.  Dr. Lin is gentle yet thorough and very caring. 

Dana T.  04/30/2015

Dear Dr. Shah,

You are the best Dr. Shah.  I hope you will be with TEC forever.  I had no pain before the root canal, and I had no pain after.

The staff at TEC are very efficient and very caring.

Lucille D.  02/09/2015

Dear TEC,

Best Endodontics in the city.  Rooms are spotless.

Frank 10/31/2014

Dear TEC,

I would recommend TEC.  My root canal was a re-treat of a procedure initiated by another professional.  I felt that TEC ran the extra mile to help improve my situation.


Martha H.  09/24/2014

Dear Dr. Lin,

Great Staff… Very accommodating.  Dr. Lin was excellent.  He is personable and very patient.

Kimberly M.  06/20/2014

Dear Dr. Trope,
I have never been more satisfied with a dental office. The level of care my son received was out of this world. He was so pleased and felt safe being in the office. The staff were excellent and very friendly. Thank you so much for making Andrew feel comfortable. 

Danielle C.  09/19/2014

Dear TEC,

There is an impressive degree of professionalism in this office.  Thanks for being so solicitous of a very difficult patient! (And believe me, as a dentist I KNOW how difficult and trying I was!)

 Dr. Phyllis D.  10/13/2014

Dear TEC,

Could not be more happier.  I called to make an appointment on a Friday and was seen the following Tuesday.  I knew I needed a root canal and it was done that day.  My service dog was very calm in the environment and was not sensing that I was having any Pain. 

Thank You Dr. Trope & Staff

Alison E.B.  02/18/2014

Dear Dr. Shah,
As a patient with a great deal of dental anxiety, and this being my first Root Canal Procedure. I was extremely impressed with your care and the ease and painlessness of the procedure. I would absolutely recommend TEC to everyone. 

Thank You!
Laura P.  04/26/2013

Dear TEC,
I had an amazing experience in a bad case scenario. I couldn’t be any happier or impressed with the care I received from registration through follow up. 

Thank You,
Dr. Alissa C.  04/10/2013

Dear Dr. Trope,
The level of professionalism was impressive-from the front desk to the Doctor, to the Dental Assistant. I could not believe how technologically advanced the office is. I even got to see the small crack in my tooth that was causing the pain on a computer monitor while I was in the chair! The doctor’s chair side manner and skill level was remarkable. I feel great thanks to TEC. I will surely recommend TEC to everyone that needs Root Canal Treatment. 

Thank You!
Dr. Anthony F.  03/20/2013